How to Write Epic Percussion

Mar 21, 2022


 0:10 - Epic Percussion Bed Playback

 1:13 -Sonic elements that I need to be able to control easily/quickly

 2:02 - Stereo Panning

 2:29  - HP Filter

 2:47  Room Control

 3:33 - Why do you set up these in Kontakt (and not in Cubase)?

 6:17 - Coming up with the idea (and creating the sketch)

7:30 -Orchestrating the sketch (enhancing process)

 8:47 -Types of Instruments/Sounds 9:17? Low Sub Boom

 9:45 -Taikos

 10:22 - Toms

 11:26 - Rims

 12:11 - Snares

12:27 - Kicks and Punches

 13:20 -Big Wet Hits

14:16 - Deconstructing this percussion bed


 *Sonic elements that I need to be able to control easily/quickly - Panning position (stereo paneer) - Width (show image analyzer) - Filter Control - Room Control

*Coming up with the idea (how to) 1) Hear it in your head 2) Sing it 3) Sketch it

*Once you’ve sketched out the basic rhythm ? enhancing process 1) Identify the “important parts”, the building blocks (motives, accents, etc) 2) Enhance those. The goal is for them to gain clarity (not to add more and more layers that compete with the main elements)

 *Types of Instruments/Sounds (Useful Elements that You May Often Need)

*Low Sub Boom (keep it as clean as possible, no reverb) Omnisphere boomers, +Cinesamples Drums of War 1 (Sub Boom patch), etc

+Taikos type of sound (for energy) (a bit of room) 8Dio, Spitfire

+Low and ensemble cinematic toms (for energy) (a bit of room) Heaviocity +Damage (Armageddon), 8Dio Epic Toms

+Rims (brightness and opening the sound) (a bit of room) Heaviocity Damage (Armageddon)

+ Snares (definition) (a bit of room) Spitfire Percussion

+ Kicks (or sub Kicks) and Punches (for an enhanced “trailer” sound). Kicks will sound cleaner and Punches will have more aggression Audio Imperia Artifact Reanimate, etc

+ Big wet hits! (timpani hits, toms ensemble, etc) Lots of reverb. Avoid ostinatos w/ these. Helps connecting sections They add depth Don’t overuse it, or it’ll create muddiness because of conflicting decays


- How to record: Record a long bit. Identify the great performance. Repeat those.

-Ensembles patches are useful!

-Don't forget about soft hits!

-Sub Kick for punch Distorted perc for modern sound ?

-Compose percussion as if you were arranging/orchestrating for orchestra - Connectors - Enhanced w Dynamics (yes, dynamics! :) 

-Also, use distortion or filter as “dynamic” or “modulation”

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