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Cinematic Composing Courses

Learn the secrets of the Pros

We will give you the tools and confidence to bring out your absolute best. Whether you’re a Brand New Composer who’s taking their first steps or a Professional Working Composer who wants to stay ahead of the pack: you will never stop learning and improving

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Well constructed

I have been arranging and to a lesser extent composing music for 40 years, but I never considered myself a composer. About two months later, I decided to enroll in Cinematic Composing, and it has been fantastic. I feel that I have grown so much as a musician. Thank you so much Marc and the team, you are incredible.

Arthur Leiby

Trombon Player, Musican (USA)

I've recommended CC

I've been enrolled in Cinematic Composing for over 2 years and have done most of the courses they offer.
They are all excellent and it's a great and supportive community of students and teachers.
I highly recommend these to anyone seriously wanting to learn how to compose cinematic music.

Wendy Kessel

Composer (Melobourne, Australia)

Great team, great people

From about last November (2020) I've progressed a lot. Thank you, guys. You're making my dreams come true. ❤

Yann Duez

Composer (Los Angeles, USA)

The Cinematic Composing

Learning Model

Global shifts and new technologies such as AI are disrupting the music industry. Conventional music education has never prepared you for this. We are teaching you to prosper in this new world, with an education that truly counts for 2022 and beyond. But we don't stop at education - we use artificial intelligence and new technologies to build a strong global network for you, connecting you with the right people so you can build a thriving career.

Cinematic Composing will take you on

The path of the Professional Composers

Theory, Harmony, Mastering, Arranging, Melody, Sequencing, Modal Interchange, Synthestration, Template Creation, Optimizing your Workflow, Composition, Suspense, Horror, Drama Fantasy and Magic, Comedy, Action High Intensity, Dramatic Sadness, Supernatural, Action Mid Intensity, Adventure Hero, The 5 Layers System, Voicing, Slow Drama, Adventure Villain, Romantic Comedy, Dark Comedy, Emotional, Corporate, Orchestral Trailer, Programming, Routing, Stems, Reverb, Balance, Keyswitches, Mixing, Equalization, Compression, Articulations, Orchestration, Root Motion, …

And many more skills that will elevate your compositions.

How It Works

1. Choose

Your Path of Learning

Choose the path of music you’re passionate about. Composition, DAW Programming, Mixing, Orchestration, Theory and Harmony.

There’s something for everyone, no matter what level you’re currently at.

2. Grow

With Other CC’ers

You’ll be connected to a warm, helpful community of like minded composers who are always there to encourage, support and challenge you.

3. Weekly

Live Sessions

All the subscribers have access to learn the material directly from our teachers and have access to Masterclasses with Composers, Orchestrators, Arrangers, Mixers from the industry.

Learn from

The Most Passionate Teachers

Experts in Film and Game Composition and Production expertly chosen for their ability to connect with their students and bring real value to every interaction.

Marc Jovani

Alejandro Escuder

Tony Domenech

Christoph van Hal

Luigi Giraldo

Christopher Young

Conrad Pope

Andy Hill

Anne-Kathrin Dern

Dirk Ehlert

Mikel Krutzuaga

Tobias Escher

Christian Heschl

Salil Bhayani

Students' Wisdom
Peter Moore

Ashton Gleckman

Bobby Fernandez

Carl Rydlund

Dennis Sands

Edwin Wendler

Joseba Beristain

Josue Vergara

Manel Gil-inglada

Orlando Perez Rosso

Pablo Cervantes

Tim Rodier


Ivan Lacamara

Eric Schmidt

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Cinematic Composing Membership

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Plus Live workshops, guest speakers, and online events with unique topics and more.

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Students have been part of our community

Thanks to their feedback we created a system for continuously updating and improving our courses in order to fulfill their needs and to accomplish the industry standards.

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Now Included in CC Membership

We have updated our platform to be constantly upgraded. Take a look to the new features.

1. New Constant Growth Format

One of the most exciting things about our new learning platform is that it is constantly evolving and growing to meet the needs and expectations of our students. You will get access to all new Membership content as it becomes available.

2. Masterclasses with Industry Pros

To give you insight into how the ‘big guys’ do it and Weekly Chats to help you through your struggles.

3. Find what you need Fast

With our very clever “Cinematic Composing A.I. Search Bot” that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for from thousands of hours of content.

What is next?

Yearly CC Summits Online

An inaugural international online summit in 2022 for all subscribers which is shaping up to be a truly amazing event.

Stay tuned to some really innovative and cool ideas that we’re currently working on!

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