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Stories from Cinematic Composing Students

It’s worth every penny!

They are a Thousand courses out there, none of them are so inspiring,
helpful, and enjoyable as cinematic composing! It’s worth every penny!
Thank you for being a part of this big family🙂

Michael Von Zahn
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)

Highly recommended

I'm glad I made the right decision when I bought it.

I highly recommend it

Telmo Lopes

Musician, Producer, Composer. Lisboa (Portugal)

I love each of these courses

I love each of these courses... Marc teaches very clear and in-depth about each topic and step.

Nathan Price
Composer. Hereford (UK)

Boost All Your Composing Skills

Whether you’re passionate about Composing for Film and Game, Programming, Theory and Harmony, Orchestrating or Mixing and Mastering (or a little bit of everything), there’s a path in Cinematic Composing that will bring out the absolute best in you.

Cinematic Composing will take you on

The path of the Professional Composers

Theory, Harmony, Mastering, Arranging, Melody, Sequencing, Modal Interchange, Synthestration, Template Creation, Optimizing your Workflow, Composition, Suspense, Horror, Drama Fantasy and Magic, Comedy, Action High Intensity, Dramatic Sadness, Supernatural, Action Mid Intensity, Adventure Hero, The 5 Layers System, Voicing, Slow Drama, Adventure Villain, Romantic Comedy, Dark Comedy, Emotional, Corporate, Orchestral Trailer, Programming, Routing, Stems, Reverb, Balance, Keyswitches, Mixing, Equalization, Compression, Articulations, Orchestration, Root Motion, …

And many more skills that will elevate your compositions.

Growth instead of Goals.
Enjoy the process.

Whether you are starting out or wanting to achieve excellence, IACX offers lessons in different paths and levels. Step by step, at your own pace.

Learn from

The Most Passionate Teachers

Experts in Film and Game Composition and Production expertly chosen for their ability to connect with their students and bring real value to every interaction.

Marc Jovani

Alejandro Escuder

Tony Domenech

Christoph van Hal

Luigi Giraldo

Christopher Young

Conrad Pope

Andy Hill

Anne-Kathrin Dern

Dirk Ehlert

Mikel Krutzuaga

Tobias Escher

Christian Heschl

Salil Bhayani

Students' Wisdom
Peter Moore

Ashton Gleckman

Bobby Fernandez

Carl Rydlund

Dennis Sands

Edwin Wendler

Joseba Beristain

Josue Vergara

Manel Gil-inglada

Orlando Perez Rosso

Pablo Cervantes

Tim Rodier


Ivan Lacamara

Eric Schmidt


Students have been part of our community

Thanks to their feedback we created a system for continuously updating and improving our courses in order to fulfill their needs and to accomplish the industry standards.

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How It Works

Just walk the Learning Path and start your journey, enjoy the full I'm a Composer Membership experience.

Stories from Cinematic Composing Students

Extremely well organized, very detailed and thorough.

I am a Juilliard (bachelors and masters) graduate and have taken film scoring courses in the past. Marc Jovani's Cinematic Composing courses are extremely well organized, very detailed, and thorough. His technique of instruction shows very clearly how to approach composing for film, helps with organizing your work-flow, and offers secrets into the process - all in a very down-to-earth way. Thank you Marc!

Kris Saebo

Composer. New York (USA)

The courses are very interesting, detailed and professional!

The courses are very interesting, detailed and professional! The lessons are very well structured and useful for both professionals and beginners. Marc Jovani convey great enthusiasm and helps to achives your goal.


Francesco Menici

Composer. Livorno (Italy)

I thought that I would be taking just a course...

When I first started at CC, I thought that I would be taking just a course. Then, I realize of the importance of being part of this community.

Fernando Torres
Music Composer. Alicante (España)

What you'll learn

No Matter What Branch of Music You’re Passionate About, There is an Absolute Wealth of Knowledge in The Courses You’ll Have Access To.

If your desire is to compose an amazing adventure-hero track then choose the Composition path. If your desire is to write a realistic mockup with a full orchestral sound with your computer then choose the Programming Path.

If your desire is to score an emotional cue for a real orchestra, then choose the Orchestration Path. If your desire is to mix a cue to give it clarity, width and separation, then choose the Mixing Path. 

If your desire is to use more complex and interesting harmonic shapes in your composition, then, choose the Theory and Harmony Path

Individually, each course has an enrollment fee of $197 USD to $975 USD. With Cinematic Composing Membership everything is unlocked for you for less than $2 USD/day.

Stories from Cinematic Composing Students

Precise and effective.

Loris Venegoni

Composer Milan (Italy)

Infinite thanks.

Jairo Moreno
Musician. Armenia (Colombia)

This is what you need.

Matthew Fisher
Composer. Michigan (USA)

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Essential Composing Foundation


Essential Mixing Foundation


Film Music Cliches


I'm a composer


Mastering Orchestral Music


Mixing Orchestral Music


Modern Harmony

Theory and Harmony

Orchestration 1: Instrumentation & Orchestration


Orchestral Programming (Synthestration)


Template Creation


Total Value of All Courses:


New courses, masterclasses, live sessions are added frequently and expand the catalog.

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Stories from Cinematic Composing Students

A lot of progress in just one month!

It´s been 1 month since I signed up for Cinematic Composing and I have made a lot of progress in my composition, the explanations are very clear, good teachers. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make image music, film music, etc.

Alex Clairenteau

Composer. Los Angeles (USA)

Thanks to CC

 Thanks to Marc Jovani I have been able to finish the ET mockup. Five months ago, I wouldn't have thought that I could do something like this.

Fabio Parisella

Composer. Los Angeles (USA)

More in 2 months than in 5 years...

I started the course in May of 2020, and I only can say that I've learned more in two months than I the last 5 years by myself. Really happy to be part of the CC community. Thanks a lot

Borja Llàser Brieba
Composer. Aramunt (Spain)

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