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Whether you're composing an absolutely 'monster' orchestral cue, a delicate string quartet, or tracking a hard-hitting rock band, by the time you've finished recording (or composing) you're usually left with a bunch of individual tracks that somehow need to be massaged and blended together to achieve a clear, well defined and balanced final track.

But as you listen more closely you notice the kick and bass are masking each other, the guitars are competing with the vocals for the listener’s attention, the string section is fighting with the choir and the percussion bed is not sitting well with just about everything.  

There can be a million different decisions on your way to crafting a perfect mix. So where do you start and what path should you follow to make sure you get the result you want?

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Let The Fun Begin

This comprehensive course is designed to give you all the tools and knowledge you'll need to overcome the problems you'll encounter on your path to mixing satisfaction. It will also help you to develop a 'process' or 'roadmap' when it comes to getting a great mix and give you confidence with every step you take.

Meet your trainer

Luigi Giraldo, Composer,  Mixing Engineer

Luigi Giraldo has been working with RedOne (Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Thalia,  etc). Based in Miami, he has been recognized with awards such as the BMI's 15th annual Latin Awards.

Luigi is a Venezuelan former teen star and an accomplished studio master, is a key player in this evolving sound, co-writing signature songs with the Los Kumbia Kings/Kumbia All-Starz franchise.

In light of Giraldo’s expansive credits, his remarkable proficiency across the board is even more evident as he adds to the mix as a vocal and keyboard arranger, producer, programmer, and engineer, with a broad collection of modern artists like Frankie Negron, Patricia Manterola and Raul Brindis.

Stories on Luigi Giraldo

Thanks Luigi

Luigi will tell you what to do, why and when, he goes the extra mile by explaining the maths behind it all (spoiler, do you know the height of the amplitude of a 50Hz frequency in the real world? Luigi will tell you these things and how to figure them out as well as why it is important)
Thanks, Luigi for sharing your knowledge, and thanks to Marc & the team for making this course a reality.

Nicolas Schuele
Composer. Geneva (Switzerland)

I've attended the "Essential Mixing Foundation" by Luigi Giraldo.
My experience has been excellent. I've found a lot of tips and tricks and a lot of detailed explanations of themes and subjects which helped me in the organization of the Orchestral mix.
I would suggest CC courses to everyone that would like to upgrade their knowledge of being a composer in the digital era.

Enrico Zavatta
Designer / Sound Designer / Composer. Milano Marittima, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
The instruction is amazing!

I’ve recently bought the course and I am very impressed by the profound knowledge about mixing you will achieve following it.
I recommend this course.

Kevin Shah
Composer A (USA)
I've been looking for something like this for so long

An excellent course with an excellent teacher.
I highly recommend it.

Davide Tammaro
Composer. New York (USA)
I'm already learning more than I ever could

This course has been a fantastic experience thus far. I'm already learning more than I ever could. It's far superior to just searching for online tuts. This course is all a hit!

Steven Swartz
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)

 What You'll Learn

  1. Tools of the Trade

    Learn what equipment you'll need and how to set it up for a good workflow.

  2. Organization and Routing

    How to set up the tracks in your DAW to make the project way easier to handle, more organized, and more fun.

  3. Time-Based Effects

    Discover how to use reverbs, delays, choruses, etc.

  4. Dynamics Based Effects

    Reign in those distracting peaks and troughs that can be so distracting in a mix using tools like compressors, de-essers, and limiters.

  5. Track by Track

    Learn how to bring out the best of each instrument or group to make it 'play well' with all the other tracks that are also vying for your attention.

  6. Working With Video

    Learn the techniques and challenges of mixing the typical elements of modern film productions.

  7. Automation

    You'll discover how using 'automation' can simplify your process and add realism and interest to your mix.

  8. External hardware and Mix delivery

    How to use inboard and outboard gear on your mix for certain sounds and needs and learn how to have your mix ready for whatever the director requires.

Stories on Essential Mixing Foundation

Thank you Cinematic Composing

Cinematic composing is a great College of Music.
A big thanks to the wonderful team of cinematic composing that works hard to get as student The best education and the latest update that the music industry offers.

Michael Von Zahn
Composer. Berlin (Germany)
I´ve recommended Cinematic Composing

I've been enrolled in Cinematic Composing for over 2 years and have done most of the courses they offer...
they are all excellent and it's a great and supportive community of students and teachers.
I highly recommend these to anyone seriously wanting to learn how to compose cinematic music.

Wendy Kessel
Composer. Melbourne (Australia)
A composing journey

I like to compose...

Nicolás Méndez
Composer. Bogotá (Colombia)
Very Happy with the course

The course is very good and helpful, the information is so detailed it makes it so much easier to understand.

Ezra Brunelli

Composer. Amsterdam (Nederland)
I´m so grateful

I am very grateful to be in the Cinematic Composing courses.
It is a delight to see how I am starting to have skills where before I only had some basic ones.

Raphaël Bellamy

Composer. Los Angeles (USA)

The curriculum

Explore Essential Mixing Foundation

Essential Mixing Foundation is designed to give you sound knowledge of mixing in general. It’s not specifically written for 'orchestral mixing' but it includes so many 'gems of wisdom' it will assist you greatly in any mixing project. In fact, you’ll need to master this course first, before successfully moving to “mixing orchestral music”. 

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet & Smartphone.

You'll see how the PROs set up their DAWS, organize their tracks, and handle routings to make the process flow more smoothly.

You'll discover 'time based' effects like delay and reverb as well as 'dynamics based' effects like compression and limiting and how to use them to bring a pro-level sound to your track.

You'll learn how to build your mix 'from the ground up' discovering the secrets to getting all the tracks to sit together well rather than fighting for attention.

And you'll learn the important considerations when it comes to mixing for a video.

Modules includes in this course

What People Say About This Program

Very good content

With a practical content and covering all of essential foundation to mix. I think is a great course.
I highly recommend it.

Telmo Lopes

Musician, Producer, Composer. Lisboa (Portugal)
Very useful course

In personal experience, this is one of the more practical and clear mixing courses.
I really recommend it.

Gianmarco Fiaschi
Musican. Pisa (Italia)
Love the course!

Love the course! It's practical, inspiring, and rich.
Marc Jovani, thank you for making it available to us!

Ben Bilan
Musican. LA (USA)
Super effective mixing course for the orchestra

Very complete, practical and easy to learn content.
Thanks Cinematic Composing

Valerio Pompili
Music Composer. Todi, Umbría (Italia)
I recommend this...

I found this course incredibly useful to improve the mix of my tracks.
Thanks, guys

Roberto Comida
Film score composer Lisboa (Portugal)

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Stories on Essential Mixing Foundation

Great information in the course

It was really an enjoyable learning experience.
Very clear topics, step by step, and a lot of information.
I recommend this course if you want to improve your sound in compositions.
Thank you.

Meng-Tung Lee
Music Composer, Arranger, Educator. Hsinchu (Taiwan)
Extremely well organized, very detailed and thorough

I am a Juilliard (bachelors and masters) graduate and have taken film scoring courses in the past.
Thank you Marc!
The course was very instructive.

Kris Saebo
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
I´m very lucky to be here...

Thank you for all these videos!
The course was very enlightening for me.
Thank you for the excellent content.

Felipe Calábria Calani
Composer. Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
A very pleased course

I am very grateful to Cinematic Composing & Marc Jovani!!
The course helped me to improve my mixing skill.
Thanks again.

Xavier Vila
IT developer, Guitar player & Composer. Barcelona (Spain)
From knowing nothing, to realizing that I know nothing

Before this course I had a very precarious notion of mixing.
This course is a gateway to a whole new world for me and I look forward to exploring it much further. Thank you very much.

Jairo Moreno
Musician. Armenia (Colombia)

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