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Whether you're an experienced composer or someone who's just starting out on your journey, if you listen carefully you'll notice that the world of film music has its own language and conventions.

There are a set number of composition styles or cliches that almost all cinematic music falls into. Of course, every project will have its own direction but wouldn't it be nice if there was a place you could turn to get you started no matter what your director is asking for?

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Getting Started - The Easy Way

At Cinematic Composing, we analyzed the different styles or cliches and presented them in one easy-to-follow course that gives you the jump-start you need to get going quickly and easily

This course is incredibly helpful and lays out everything you're going to need to compose music for almost any type of cue. 

Meet your trainer

Marc Jovani, Composer, Teacher, Cofounder of Cinematic Composing

  • Based in Los Angeles. Has composed soundtracks for more than 50 movies
  • Has provided music for major studios such as NETFLIXAmazonLionsgateSyfyFOX.
  • His movies have been distributed internationally on leading, nationally broadcasted television channels, including Lifetime (USA), TF1 (France), the Hallmark Channel (USA), Canale 5 (Italy), Antena 3 (Spain), HBO (USA) and more.
  • His music has been recorded in major studios: Warner Bros (Burbank), EastWest (Hollywood), and others.
  • Co-founder of Cinematic Composing (2016) with more than 10.000 students and growing
  • Berklee College of Music: Composition & Orchestration teacher at Berklee (2010-2016)

Stories on Marc Jovani

Thank you!

Seeing Marc’s videos and hearing about the courses he has created kept my fire alive. The knowledge he shares is very motivating to me. I am excited to put the things I have learned into action and share my efforts with the community.

Steve Nelson
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
I learned a lot

Before the course, I was impressed with the way Marc explained things. This impression grew even more as he progressed. I learned a lot about workflow and ways to increase my production speed. This has inspired me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your experience! I am looking forward to getting through the other courses!

Chris Nielsen
Composer. Fall River MA (USA)
I highly recommend it

Marc Jovani is a truly inspiring teacher. His courses rekindled my interest in composing music.

Issa Molina
Guitar Player-Composer. Zaragoza (Spain)
From Leipzig to L.A.

I´m a composer for film based in germany, leipzig. I joined CC because I like Marc Jovani's music very much and his way of narrating and communicating inspires me.

Georg Siebert
Filmcomposer. Leipzig (Germany)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

The courses are great. Marc give us great knowledge, He really know how to make great samples mockups. He shares with us all his knowledge and his tricks and tips.

Nicolas Garcia
Music Composer. Montpellier (France)

What You'll Learn

  1. Edge of their seats.

    Learn how to compose an edge-of-your-seat High-Intensity Action cue.

  2. Super Anyone?

    Bring an Action Hero to life with a bold cue.

  3. Tap into the Dark Side

    Uncover the secrets to getting an audience to fear and despise an Action Villain.

  4. Hold On To Your seats

    Discover how to score an Action-Adventure blockbuster.

  5. Somewhere Out There

    Help your audience lose themselves in the Fantasy world.

  6. Somebody Please Turn On The Lights

    Keep your audience guessing with Suspense and Horror.

  7. Knee Slapping Fun

    Uncover the tips for writing quirky Comedy.

  8. Things Just ain't Quite Right around Here

    Keep the pot boiling with effective Mood and Drama cues.

Stories on Film Music Cliches

What I needed when I needed it

I took this course soon after joining with CC because I was working ( or attempting to work ) on a short fantasy animation film. 

Now I'm able to more quickly come up with ideas that more easily fit into specific genres for film and I owe it all to Cinematic Composing.

Ryan Carrico
 Facilties Director. Sunnyvale (USA)

I’ve been fortunate enough to be here studying and growing since the beginning, and wow, just an amazing group of individuals and instructors. You’ll receive the right tools and expertise to thrive in composing and the music biz.

Anthony de Souza
Composer. LA (USA)
I absolutely love it

I joined in 2017, so I have been studying with Cinematic Composing since then. I absolutely love it.

Arabella Rodriguez
Music Composer. LA (USA)
Very Happy with the course

The course is very good and helpful, the information is so detailed it makes it so much easier to understand.

Ezra Brunelli
Composer. Amsterdam (Nederland)
Very useful...

This course is important for musical analysis, for conducting orchestration and composition, and for improving musical performance in interpretation and execution.
It is also important for the musician to know how to interpret the general score of the orchestra.

Paulo Arruda
Musician. Braga (Portugal)

The curriculum

Explore Film Music Cliches

There are 5 main styles or cliches used in film and game music: 

  • Action music 
  • Fantasy music
  • Suspense and Horror music
  • Comedy music
  • Mood and Drama music
Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet & Smartphone.

Sometimes within each style, there will also be a number of sub-styles. For example, the Action category consists of High Intensity, Action Hero, Action Villain and Action Adventure which are similar in some ways but very different in others.

The aim of this course is to help you quickly and confidently get composing no matter what style is called for

Modules includes in this course

What People Say About This Program

Thanks Cinematic Composing

This course is awesome and extremely helpful for all composers. It has helped me a lot.
I am truly grateful to Cinematic Composing.

Jed Atienza
Composer. Sidney (Australia)
It's a great place

Either if you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Cinematic Composing is a great place to build on that knowledge and continue learning about music production.

William Hoshal
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)

I recommend the course

the course is very practical, direct, and clear. Above all, they are already helping me to create a model of work that I did not know, step by step.

Max Bazzana
Composer. Portogruaro (Italia)
I´m so grateful

I am very grateful to be in the Cinematic Composing courses.
It is a delight to see how I am starting to have skills where before I only had some basic ones.

Raphaël Bellamy
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
I like the courses very much

I like the courses very much, because it explains very well and very detailed how to write specific music.

Arturo Albero
Composer. Alicante (España)

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Stories on Film Music Cliches

Highly recommended!

If you are on the lookout for a great course on film scoring, look no further. All killer, no filler here.
Highly recommended!

Roy Westad
Composer. Oslo (Noruega)
Excellent course

Very detailed and informative and easily understandable for even a complete beginner with the use and explanation of theory vernacular.
My favorite thing about these courses is they get right down to the point of it; there's no fluff, it's just all content.

Micheal Kwasnicky
Composer. Coquitlam (Canada)

If you're just starting out in the field of cinematic media composition or want to improve your existing skills
take the course!

Nick Bulavin
Composer. Shangai (China)
I'm already learning more than I ever could

This course has been a fantastic experience thus far.
It's far superior to just searching for online tuts.
This course is all a hit!

Steven Swartz
Composer Los Angeles (USA)
The best decision one can make

Deciding to take this course as an addition to a contemporary media composer's arsenal is one of the best decision one can make.

Sakis Petropoulos
Composer. Corfu (Greece)

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Get Access to Film Music Cliches PLUS unlock everything else on Cinematic Composing. You get the catalog of courses unlocked for less than $2 a day.


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