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You know the feeling. 

You've spent way too many hours getting a really sweet mix on your new orchestral track and you're pretty happy with the result so you bounce it down and take a break for a while so you can listen to it later with fresh ears.

You come back to the studio, cue up a few tracks from your favorite composers of a similar style and press play.

And your face drops. What's happening here? 

The track you were so proud of just a few hours ago suddenly sounds completely amateurish. It's got a 'harshness' to the upper mids and a 'muddy' build-up in the lower mids. It seems to have no width to it, it sounds bland

And worst of all it's so much lower in volume than the pro tracks you're comparing it to.

What went wrong? 

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It's Time For A Master Touch

Take heart my friend. All is not lost! 

Think about it for a minute. You're trying to compare a track that you probably created and mixed all by yourself with tracks that have been mixed to a very high standard (possible by a dedicated mix engineer) and then 'mastered or polished' to give them the most impact and sparkle! 

Provided your track is well mixed, there is a very strong possibility that after you've given it a bit of careful tweaking, your track will once again bring a big smile to your face

Meet your trainer

Marc Jovani, Composer, Teacher, Cofounder of Cinematic Composing

  • Based in Los Angeles. Has composed soundtracks for more than 50 movies
  • Has provided music for major studios such as NETFLIXAmazonLionsgateSyfyFOX.
  • His movies have been distributed internationally on leading, nationally broadcasted television channels, including Lifetime (USA), TF1 (France), the Hallmark Channel (USA), Canale 5 (Italy), Antena 3 (Spain), HBO (USA) and more.
  • His music has been recorded in major studios: Warner Bros (Burbank), EastWest (Hollywood), and others.
  • Co-founder of Cinematic Composing (2016) with more than 10.000 students and growing
  • Berklee College of Music: Composition & Orchestration teacher at Berklee (2010-2016)

Stories on Marc Jovani

Thank you!

Seeing Marc’s videos and hearing about the courses he has created kept my fire alive. The knowledge he shares is very motivating to me. I am excited to put the things I have learned into action and share my efforts with the community.

Steve Nelson
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
I learned a lot

Before the course, I was impressed with the way Marc explained things. This impression grew even more as he progressed. I learned a lot about workflow and ways to increase my production speed. This has inspired me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your experience! I am looking forward to getting through the other courses!

Chris Nielsen
Composer. Fall River MA (USA)
I highly recommend it

Marc Jovani is a truly inspiring teacher. His courses rekindled my interest in composing music.

Issa Molina
Guitar Player-Composer. Zaragoza (Spain)
From Leipzig to L.A.

I´m a composer for film based in germany, leipzig. I joined CC because I like Marc Jovani's music very much and his way of narrating and communicating inspires me.

Georg Siebert
Filmcomposer. Leipzig (Germany)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

The courses are great. Marc give us great knowledge, He really know how to make great samples mockups. He shares with us all his knowledge and his tricks and tips.

Nicolas Garcia
Music Composer. Montpellier (France)

 What You'll Learn

  1. Mastering:

    - An Overview - Learn what 'mastering' actually is and develop an understanding of what exactly you are trying to achieve with your own tracks.

  2. The Mastering Chain:

    - Here you'll discover what elements you'll need to give your track the sparkle and punch it needs to compete with 'pro' productions.

  3. Analogue Saturation

    - To 'warm it up a bit' and help it sound a bit more organic.

  4. Equalization

    - To identify and either 'carve out' or 'support' the problem areas of the finished mix.

  5. Exciter

    - To give a bit of extra sparkle if it's needed.

  6. Dynamics

    - To 'level out' any noticeable peaks and troughs that will make your track sound bumpy and amateurish.

  7. Imager

    - To help give your track a greater feeling of width and space.

  8. Maximizer

    - To ride the outputs of your mix and make sure it is always 'present' and 'impactful'

  9. Automation

    - Learn how automation can bring a more human 'feel' to orchestral tracks as it emulates the changing dynamics of real players.

Stories on Mastering Orchestral Music

It feels like a real online college class

I've only been in Cinematic Composing for three days but I quickly learned this is not a tutorial course, this is a legitimate, high-level, in-depth class.

Rumaldo Holguin
Musican. Alabama (USA)
I´m so grateful

I am very grateful to be in the Cinematic Composing courses.
It is a delight to see how I am starting to have skills where before I only had some basic ones.

Raphaël Bellamy
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
These courses are advanced

I’ve recently started in Cinematic Composing. I’ve learned a lot in such a short time.
The best remote courses out there.

Sarvar Kaziev
Composer. Texas (USA)
Excellent content

I joined different CC courses and all of them are amazing.
Learned a lot!

Daniel Stadler
Composer. Zellerstrasse (Austria)

Very Happy with the course

The course is very good and helpful, the information is so detailed it makes it so much easier to understand.

Ezra Brunelli
Composer. Amsterdam (Nederland)

The curriculum

Explore Mastering Orchestral Music

In this course, you will learn what finishing touches need to be considered to ensure your track compares well to professionally released tracks.

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet & Smartphone.

You'll learn what tools you're going to need to achieve a polished and professional sound and you'll also learn how to use those tools and set them up to get a great result for your own tracks.

Modules includes in this course

What People Say About This Program

Really helpful

If I'd had this 10 years ago it would have saved me so much time. There are techniques in here that I simply haven't seen in the tutorials you find on YouTube.
It's all geared towards practical real-world applications.

Rich McCoull
Composer. New Castle upon Tyne (UK)
Very pleased with the course

The course is very comprehensive in different topics that a film composer needs to know.
I highly recommend it.

Minh Ho
Composer. Seoul (Korea)
Great experience

It's my first experience with Cinematic Composing and I have to say it has been really great!

Matteo Spedicato
Musican. Lecce, Apulia (Italia)
I totally recommend it

I got in love with the Cinematic Composing courses, it has so deep and easy understanding explanations and it has great results in your music 😃
Great course.

Fernando Augusto Andreo Antón
Composer. Cartagena (España)
I highly recommend CC

What I like the most about CC is the value that it gives you and all the learnings that you can get from top industry professionals!

Sergi Guasch Llorach
Musican, Conductor, Composer. Toronto (Canadá)

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Stories on Mastering Orchestral Music

Excellent content and teaching

Got the course today and I must say it is simply awesome! The contents are great and the teaching is clear. I am looking forward to improving my mix!
Thank you so much.

Ho Pang Lian
Composer. Helsinki (Finland)
Excellent content

I began my journey with Cinematic Composing a year ago and I cannot be happier about having made that decision.
Great Course.

Antonio De La Hera
Musican. Kingston (UK)

I've been looking for something like this for so long, and I found it here.

Davide Tammaro
Composer. New York (USA)
Thank you

Thank you very much for this. I've just seen the first videos, but I'm sure this will provide us with a "before and after" in our mixes!!!

Gustavo Michalik
Composer. Milan (Italy)
I'm very pleased

I have just started my first course and it really is excellent. I'm very pleased.
Enjoy, I am sure you will.

Michael Holten
Musican. Billerica (USA)

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Get Access to Mastering Orchestral Music PLUS unlock everything else on Cinematic Composing. You get the catalog of courses unlocked for less than $2 a day.


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