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Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist you wanna learn to be as good as you can.

If you're a hobby composer, the MIX is the end product that provides the JOY of what you're writing. It gives you the ability to hear the music the way you intended. It would be as good as it can possibly be. The better it sounds, the better the joy.

And if you're a professional, you already know how meaningful and significant a good mix is to get and keep a job. Sending a demo is like an advertisement. If it doesn't sound good, you're not gonna get the job. And if you do get the job, you're not gonna keep it for long if your music doesn't sound good.

This is NOT a beginner's course. This course does NOT teach how to set up a compressor! ;)

This course instructs the thought process behind the mixing process.

You’ll compose differently after this course because you’ll compose with the mix in mind. You’ll be able to hear the mix in your mind before you start to write and you’ll know how to get to the sound that you hear in your head. Dennis will show you how to think about the sound and how to shape it to get the result you want.

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In this program, we cover everything from the very beginning of how to set up your mixing session, the rituals before starting to mix, Dennis mixing workflow, how to mix orchestral music in different styles, what plugins to use, automation, stems and so much more!
The curriculum currently consists of more than 11 hours of video content, and we add new content every month -with live classes that you've access to - to keep the learning relevant and up-to-date.


Meet your trainer

Dennis Sands, Hollywood Mixing Engineer - More than 350 Movies Recorded and Mixed (Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain America)

- Hollywood: More than 50 years of experience as mixing engineer working in Los Angeles.

- Movies: More than 350 scores mixed (Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain America: The First Avenger, Maleficient, Alice in - Wonderland, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Bolt, American Beauty, The Notebook, The Bourne Supremacy, Coraline, The Last of the Mohicans, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Corpse Bride, Independence Day, The Mask, Serendipity, Good Will Hunting, Pacific Rim, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Godzilla... need more? ;-p

- Composers: Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, Michael Giacchino, Alexandre Desplat, John Debney, John Paesano, Ramin Djawadi, Aaron Zigman, Mark Isham, Cliff Martinez, and many more.

- Teacher: More than 12 years teaching a mixing seminar for the Film Scoring Master students at the University of Southern of California (USA).

Stories on Dennis Sands

Best orchestral mixing course out there

Thank you so much Marc Jovani and Dennis Sands! This is an orchestral producer's dream come true!
Dennis teaches with great clarity and insights. I can't believe you're offering it at such an affordable price. It's a steal!

Mu-Yin Molly Chen
Musician. Portland (USA)
If you want to learn cinematic mixing, you can't get a better opportunity

This course looks amazing. I've been looking for courses for years where the teachers are "the real thing" and Dennis is truly a guy who has been around the mill - 100s of soundtracks over decades, from Back to the Future to Avengers; Endgame. If you want to learn cinematic mixing, you can't get a better opportunity.

Mark Janes
Composer. LA (USA)
Thank you Dennis Sands

I am very grateful to be in the Dennis Sands course.
It is a delight to see how I am starting to have skills where before I only had some basic ones.

Raphaël Bellamy
Composer. Paris (France)
The course from Dennis Sands is a Goldmine!

The mixing Course from Dennis Sands is a Goldmine!! I watched a couple of the "Intro" videos and already I can see how my workflow will improve. Excited to dive in deeper!!

Laurel Gonzalo
Musican. Olympia (USA)
Great experience

It's my first experience with Cinematic Composing and I have to say it has been really great!

Matteo Spedicato
Musican. Lecce (Italia)

 What You'll Learn

  1. How to mix Action

    Learn and Discover all you need to mix powerful Orchestral Action cues. Mix successfully guitars, drums, synths, and orchestral elements together. Get the richer and powerful sound that you dream of.

  2. How to mix Romance

    Learn the tips and tricks to give your music a sense of gentleness and embrace the listener. Learn to soften your mix to serve the emotional content of the music.

  3. How to mix Comedy

    Learn how to mix a Comedy cue to enhance its Music, Make It Richer, Bigger, Wider, in one word... Make it Cinematic.

  4. How to mix Rock

    Learn how to mix a rock-style cue in detail. Guitars, Bass guitar, Drums, Synths, Effects, and Master compression to create a powerful mixed track.

  5. Dennis Plugins Guide:

    The ultimate plugin's guide for mixing chosen carefully Dennis Sands. Learn what are Dennis’s Top 10 plugins plus additional information on Mixing Console & Plugins Order, Plugins Chain In The Aux. Send Of The Stereo Mix.

Stories on Mixing For Composers

It is the most time and cost-effective mixing course for the orchestra

Taught by one of greatest. It will save HOURS of looking at random YouTube videos not even knowing if what you are going to watch will actually teach you anything! you have the safety of a renowned and brilliant course provider which is comprised of a small team of VERY passionate people who love what they are doing!

Valerio Pompili
Composer Todi (Italia)
A really good deal!

I have started courses with Cinematic Composing, and I have already learned new techniques that I am already using in my music and I see many more to come. The material is concise, presented at a good pace, the instructors are great, the resources plentiful and the value makes it worth the investment of time and money.

Kevin Maher
Composer. New York (USA)
I Love it!

It's so great to have this in-depth view of his work. I'm very impressed how subtle the changes in the single tracks are but then played all together it makes a big difference.

Elija Kaufmann
Musician. Trossingen (Germany)
Thank you, Dennis Sands and Marc Jovani

I already find myself taking notes like I am sitting in Mr. Sands's classroom. I believe this course, along with the Orchestration 1 course I am studying, will help my abilities tremendously. Thank you, Dennis Sands and Marc Jovani.

Gary Craig
Musician. Athens (USA)
Highly recommend the courses

I joined to Cinematic Composing in 2017, I really learned a lot from there. The information are all clear and useful.
I highly recommend the courses to all of you!

Wesley Wkl
Composer. Singapur (Malasia)

The curriculum

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  • The 4 Mixing for Composers courses (Action, Romance, Comedy, Rock)
  • Dennis Plugins Guide

All of the above compiled & organized all the content under ONE SINGLE COURSE: the ultimate program that gives you everything that you need, from "how to set up your mixing session" to "how to automate your mix" and everything in between.

Modules includes in this course

What People Say About This Program

Is really worth checking the course

I'm totally excited about this course! After studying through the MTCM course (by Cinematic Composing) I become more and more interested in mixing. It can really change (if not everything) almost everything!
Even before this great course come along, my opinion has been that good mixing really increases your credibility as a composer. Dennis Sands appears to be very thorough and explains things very clearly. We can all learn very valuable things from Dennis and this course is really worth checking out!

Emilia Takayama
Composer. Michigan (USA)
This is such an amazing course!

This is such an amazing course! To be able to learn from one of the masters, step by step... It's like getting in on a big secret: When I opened the course I got really excited and started watching immediately. I can already tell Dennis is a great teacher! Can's wait to start making my own mixes better because of this!

Val Halvorsen
Composer. Bergen (Norway)
Love the course!

Love the course! It's practical, inspiring, and rich. Marc Jovani, thank you for making it available to us!

Ben Bilan
Musician. LA (USA)
I've already learned soooo much!

Been through some of the videos and I've already learned soooo much! Dennis is a great mixer and I love everything he has shown till now. Also, the few things we covered on my piece made the mix ten thousand times better!!!

Carlos Clerencia
Composer. Madrid (España)

Recently I joined to Cinematic Composing. I have been searched for so long and never find courses like these. I learned a lot. These courses are recommended!

Kenny Febrian Sugianto
Composer. LA (USA)

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Stories on Mixing For Composers

It's so good to be part of this community

WOW!!! A new "Mixing For Composers" course by Hollywood mixing engineer Dennis Sands from Avengers, Maleficent, etc!! Your courses just get bigger and better Marc Jovani!!!

Thank you for bringing top people to teach us here at Cinematic Composing.

Meng-Tung Lee
Music Composer/Arranger/Educator. Hsinchu (Taiwan)
Thanks a lot!

I just took the Mixing course along with others and am really excited about it.
Learning from the best in the business. Feels awesome.

Prasanna Keshava
Composer. Bangalore (India)
The course is great

The course "Mixing for composers" by Dennis Sands is amazing.

Jesus Luengo
Composer. Sevilla (España)
Thank you so much!

THIS IS INSANELY GREAT! Thank you Marc Jovani for making it happen! You are the man!!!

Simon Schwarzmann
Composer. Olten (Switzerland)
Thanks a lot for Mixing For Composers Course

I am dreaming with the second part of the course called “Mastering for Composers by Dennis Sands”!

Felpe Moreno
Musician. Santiago (Chile)

Mixing For Composers


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