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We've all been inspired by powerful and emotional orchestral cues. Especially when they are perfectly paired with an unfolding scene on a big screen. They can empower us, bring us to tears and unsettle us.

And as composers, who doesn't want a piece of that action?

But is it really possible to create a cue that brings that same sonic power and emotion when you don't have access to world-class orchestral players playing in beautiful spaces? Is it really possible to produce a track in your DAW that is almost as good as the real thing?

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You Better Believe It!

Cinematic Composing's Orchestral Programming course will unlock the critical elements you need to help you raise the quality and realism of your mock-ups to the next level. And it will begin happening from the very first lesson! This practical and comprehensive course will show you exactly what's needed to produce a track in your own DAW that can match it with the pros.

Meet your trainer

Marc Jovani, Composer, Teacher, Cofounder of Cinematic Composing

  • Based in Los Angeles. Has composed soundtracks for more than 50 movies
  • Has provided music for major studios such as NETFLIXAmazonLionsgateSyfyFOX.
  • His movies have been distributed internationally on leading, nationally broadcasted television channels, including Lifetime (USA), TF1 (France), the Hallmark Channel (USA), Canale 5 (Italy), Antena 3 (Spain), HBO (USA) and more.
  • His music has been recorded in major studios: Warner Bros (Burbank), EastWest (Hollywood), and others.
  • Co-founder of Cinematic Composing (2016) with more than 10.000 students and growing
  • Berklee College of Music: Composition & Orchestration teacher at Berklee (2010-2016)

Stories on Marc Jovani

Thank you!

Seeing Marc’s videos and hearing about the courses he has created kept my fire alive. The knowledge he shares is very motivating to me. I am excited to put the things I have learned into action and share my efforts with the community.

Steve Nelson
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
I learned a lot

Before the course, I was impressed with the way Marc explained things. This impression grew even more as he progressed. I learned a lot about workflow and ways to increase my production speed. This has inspired me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your experience! I am looking forward to getting through the other courses!

Chris Nielsen
Composer. Fall River MA (USA)
I highly recommend it

Marc Jovani is a truly inspiring teacher. His courses rekindled my interest in composing music.

Issa Molina
Guitar Player-Composer. Zaragoza (Spain)
From Leipzig to L.A.

I´m a composer for film based in germany, leipzig. I joined CC because I like Marc Jovani's music very much and his way of narrating and communicating inspires me.

Georg Siebert
Filmcomposer. Leipzig (Germany)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

The courses are great. Marc give us great knowledge, He really know how to make great samples mockups. He shares with us all his knowledge and his tricks and tips.

Nicolas Garcia
Music Composer. Montpellier (France)

 What You'll Learn

  1. Real instruments vs Samples

    Discover the differences, how to overcome the shortfalls and how to take advantage of the benefits.

  2. Using Dynamics, Balance, and Panning

    Showing you the tricks to ensure your finished track is full of life and realism.

  3. Layering

    How to distribute your musical ideas.

  4. Kontakt Set-up

    Understanding how to best utilize keyswitches and use midi controllers to record dynamics.

  5. Orchestration for Samples

    You’ll discover the Go-To synthestration techniques (also referred to as arranging for samples), and how these techniques differ from traditional orchestration. You’ll save tons of time and boost your production abilities, making your orchestral music sound stellar. These techniques apply across the board, no matter what sample libraries you’re using.

Stories on Orchestral Programming (Synthestration)

I'm actually learning a lot

I am enrolled in the film composition courses and the truth is that I am learning a lot. I didn't know Daw, so I sent an email and they advised me immediately. I know that this path I am taking in my studies is very important, since we are in the digital era. I am a professional musician and knew very little about this subject. Thank you for these courses

Paulo Arruda
Composer. Lisboa (Portugal)
I highly recommend this course!

I’ve learned a lot in such a short time and it's easy to follow our great instructor Marc Jovani.
He has a great experience.
To my knowledge, it’s one of the best remote courses out there.

Turner Horton
Composer. Savannah, Georgia (USA)
I strongly recommend it

Whether it’s a film, TV show, video game or music production, the information you will learn in these courses are very valuable and will be useful for the rest of your career.

Medhat Hanbali
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
The Synthestration course is a great place

Either if you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Synthestration course is a great place to build on that knowledge and continue learning about music production.

William Hoshal
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
The contents are very clear

I'm enrolled in the courses and I love them! I'm a profesional musician and teacher. I find both courses very useful and well explained. I totally recomend it!

Lluis Martinez Ten
Composer Valencia (España)

The curriculum

Explore Orchestral Programming (Synthestration)

Confidently orchestrate and synthestrate your music. Produce professional-sounding orchestral mockups.

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet & Smartphone.

Become efficient at composing. Imagine musical ideas and produce them quickly with samples, without the overwhelming, paralyzing, “what-sample-should-I-load-for-this-to-sound-realistic?” feeling…  even if you’re starting from scratch.
Learn the synthestration techniques that will make your samples sound like the real orchestra.
Set up your perfect system that will make you stay in the creative flow and be efficient at producing orchestral mockups.
You'll learn the differences between writing for real instruments and writing for samples and how to breathe life into your arrangements with dynamics, balance, panning, using keyswitches, and EQ.
You'll discover how to write for different sections of the orchestra, how to use sketching patches, how to distribute your musical ideas and the power of ensemble patches.
You'll also learn some tricks to overcome some of the more challenging tasks like sequencing for fast strings and how to blend different orchestral sections that can sometimes be problematic.
At the end of this course, you’ll have a proven composing workflow and you’ll be able to compose and program the music that you love fast and effortlessly without struggling with technical overload.
Let’s write great music!

Modules includes in this course

What People Say About This Program

It's been amazing!

It's been amazing! I just wrote my first track, the Love Theme. Starting by going through the libraries and general setup/workflow has been extremely helpful, and has allowed me to make a nice orchestral template in Logic that I've found extremely helpful in being creative.

Samuel Best
Composer. Boston (USA)
I'm happy to be a part of it

I've been composing music professionally for Videogames & Films since past 1.5 years after my graduation, but I really wanted to learn in-depth and these courses are really helping me out. I personally think that are "university level" courses delivered in an online form.

Raunak Barde
Composer. LA (USA)
Precise and effective

Precise and effective.

Loris Venegoni
Composer. Milan (Italy)
Very detailed and explained very well

Very detailed and explained very well. I use a lot of Marc's techniques shown in the videos.

Mike Zubiena
Composer. USA
I am pretty excited of this course

I am pretty excited of this course.

David Stevenson
Composer. Florida (USA)

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Stories on Orchestral Programming (Synthestration)

I highly recommend Cinematic Composing to anyone who wants to master the art of making orchestral music

I've been quite impressed with the amount of knowledge and experience shared by Marc in his courses.
Truly he has mastered his process and he invites us to learn and read the benefits of his experience ❤.

Nelson Sandoval
Composer. Los Angeles (California)
I´ve recommended Cinematic Composing

I've been enrolled in Cinematic Composing for over 2 years and have done most of the courses they offer...
they are all excellent and it's a great and supportive community of students and teachers.
I highly recommend these to anyone seriously wanting to learn how to compose cinematic music.

Wendy Kessel
Composer Melobourne (Australia)
More in 2 months than in 5 years

I started the course in May of 2020, and I only can say that I've learned more in two months than I the last 5 years by myself. Really happy to be part of the CC community. Thanks a lot

Borja Llàser Brieba
Composer. Aramunt (Spain)
I'm already learning more than I ever could

This course has been a fantastic experience thus far. I'm already learning more than I ever could. It's far superior to just searching for online tuts. This course is all a hit!.

Steven Swartz
Composer. Los Angeles (USA)
This is the class that you need

This is the class that you need.

Matthew Fisher
Composer. Michigan (USA)

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